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Field Installed
Rooftop Unit
Open Protocol Controller

The RTU Open controller continuously monitors and regulates constant volume rooftop operation with reliability and precision. This advanced controller features a sophisticated, factory-engineered control algorithm that provides optimum performance and energy efficiency. The RTU Open controller also features plug-and-play connectivity to the Carrier i-Vu System. The Carrier i-Vu System combines state-of-the-art Carrier equipment, plug-and-play controllers, and the powerful, web-based i-Vu user interface to form a cohesive, intuitive, and fully-integrated BACnet® Building Automation System.

For added flexibility, the RTU Open controller is capable of stand-alone operation. Or, it can be integrated with any Building Automation System utilizing the BACnet, Modbus, or N2 protocols.


ApplicationHardwareSystem Benefits
  • Controls 2 stages of DX cooling to maintain.
  • Controls up to 2 stages of gas heat or combination of mechanical and electric heat to maintain space temperature setpoint (controls up to 4 stages of heat in heat pump mode).
  • Integrated economizer and power exhaust control provide optimized mechanical cooling.
  • Built-in advanced control routines for zone level humidity control or zone level demand control ventilation (ASHRAE 62).
  • Can be factory-installed on Carrier WeatherMaster® and WeatherMaker® Puron® packaged rooftop units.
  • Can be field-installed on constant volume rooftop units; wiring harness (part# OPN-RTUHRN), provides quick field installation.
  • Integrates easily into any BAS using BACnet, Modbus, or N2 protocols.
  • On-board hardware clock, remote occupancy input, and support for SPT/thermistor sensors provide stand-alone operation.
  • Easy startup and commissioning using Carrier’s BACview Handheld Service Tool.
  • Integrated Carrier airside linkage algorithm for plug-and-play integration with the Carrier VVT System.
  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu System.
  • Supports demand limiting for maximum energy savings.
  • Compatible with i-Vu Tenant Billing for tracking tenants’ after-hours energy usage.


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