Outdoor, Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller
with Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A)
10 to 150 Nominal Tons

The AquaSnap 30RAP chiller is an effective all-in-one package that is easy to install and own. The chiller costs less to purchase and install than other chillers in its class, and operates quietly and efficiently. Value-added features include rotary scroll compression with optional digital compressor (010 to 090 units), Puron refrigerant (R-410A), a low-sound AeroAcoustic™ fan system, easy to use ComfortLink™ controls, microchannel condenser coil technology, optional integrated hydronic pump package, and an accessory fluid storage tank (sizes 010-060 only).

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PerformanceReliabilityInstallationMaintenanceStandard WarrantyFactory-Installed OptionsField-Installed Accessories
  • Full-load EER values up to 10.5
  • IPLV values up to 15.9
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • AHRI 550/590 certified
  • High-efficiency rotary scroll compressors
  • Non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant (R-410A)
  • Digital compressor unloading (factory-installed option for 010-090 units)
  • Standard uncoated or optional e-coated Novation® microchannel heat exchanger (MCHX) condenser coils (factory-installed option)
  • Hydronic pump package (factory-installed option) with optional VFD on sizes 070-150
  • Low-sound AeroAcoustic fans
  • Value option, propeller-type fans (factory-installed option)
  • Hot gas bypass (not available on sizes 010 and 015; factory-installed option)
  • Fluid loop storage tank (field-installed accessory on sizes 010-060)
  • Compressor blankets (factory-installed option)
  • Non-fused disconnect switch (factory-installed option) (not available with dual point power)
  • Operation from -20 to 120 F ambient temperature (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory on sizes 018-150 with low ambient head pressure control)
  • ComfortLink™ controls with scrolling marquee display module
  • Navigator™ and Touch Pilot™ displays (field-installed accessories)
  • Energy management module (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
  • BACnet™ communication (factory-installed option) or BACnet and LON (local operating network) translator control (field-installed accessory)
  • EXV (electronic expansion valve)
  • Dual electrically and mechanically independent refrigeration circuits.
  • Crankcase heaters are standard on all models.
  • Compressor protection includes high and low pressure transducers with safety cutouts.
  • Coil frost protection.
  • Liquid line filter driers.
  • Circuit breaker protection for all power components.
  • Cabinet made of pre-painted, galvanized steel with baked enamel finish, which meets ASTM B117 salt spray resistance.
  • Condenser-fan motors are totally enclosed, with internal protection.
  • Single point electrical service entry, thru unit bottom or side.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Large hinged service access doors.
  • Standard one-year warranty.
  • Five-year non pro-rated warranty on heat exchanger.
Electric Heat
Low electric heatYes
High electric heatYes
Indoor Air Quality
2-inch filtersYes
4-inch filtersYes
Return air CO2 sensorYes
Manual outside air self-closing damperYes
Modulating economizer 3-position damperYes
Exhaust Air Control
Barometric reliefVertical units only
Non-modulating power exhaustCV vertical units only
Modulating power exhaust and static sensorVertical units only
Condenser and Evaporator Coils
Al/Cu condenser & evaporatorYes
Al/Cu Pre-coat condenser & Al/Cu evaporatorYes
Al/Cu E-coat condenser & Al/Cu evaporatorYes
Cu/Cu condenser & Al/Cu evaporatorYes
Hot gas bypassYes
Galvanized drain panYes
Stainless drain panYes
Controls option boardYes
Return air CO2 sensorYes
Return air smoke detectorYes
Filter switchYes
Power Circuit
GFI convenience outlet (powered)Yes
GFI convenience outlet (not powered)Yes
Power terminal blockYes
Non-fused disconnectYes
Indoor Motor Options
Low HP, standard efficiencyYes
Medium HP, standard efficiencyYes
High HP, standard efficiencyYes
Low HP, high efficiencyYes
Medium HP, high efficiencyYes
High HP, high efficiencyYes
Indoor Air Quality
Return air CO2 sensorYes
CO2 space sensorYes
CO2 aspirator boxYes
Outdoor or return humidity sensor (enthalpy)Yes
Exhaust Air Control
Barometric reliefYes
Non-modulating power exhaustYes
Modulating power exhaust and static sensorYes
Supply and building pressure control boardYes
Build pressure control sensorYes
Condenser and Evaporator Coils
Condenser coil hail guard assemblyYes
Controls option boardYes
Enhanced displayYes
Navigator™ displayYes
Return air CO2 sensorYes
Supply smoke detectorYes
Filter switchYes
Fan status switch (requires options board)Yes
T55 thermostatYes
T56 thermostatYes
T58 sensorYes
Space temperature sensor with CO2 overrideYes
Space temperature sensor setpoint and CO2 overrideYes
Remote enhanced displayYes
Thermostats (Debonair®)CV units only
Thermostats (Slimline)CV units only
Thermostats (Corporate)CV units only
BACnet/MODBUS Carrier translatorYes
LonWorks Carrier translatorYes
Miscellaneous Options
Roof curb adapter kitYes
14-inch roof curbYes
Low ambient control (Motormaster® V )Yes


Product Data

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