Single-Package High-Efficiency
Electric Cooling Rooftop Units
with Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A)
30 to 100 Nominal Tons

50P2 – Vertical CV
50P3 – Vertical VAV
50P4 – Horizontal CV
50P5 – Horizontal VAV

Carrier P Series rooftop units are pre-wired and factory-tested in both cooling and heating modes. All 50P models feature an industrial grade cabinet with fully hinged access panels. Standard forward-curved supply fans provide superior supply fan performance of up to 4 in. external static pressure (ESP) while optional airfoil supply fans provide fan performance up to 6 in. ESP.

Units are available in dedicated vertical and horizontal supply/return airflow models for constant volume (CV), staged air volume (SAV), or variable air volume (VAV) applications. Units are cooling only or available with a variety of electric or hydronic heating options. Units come with the ComfortLink™ DDC (direct digital control) communicating control system and hermetic scroll compressors on dual independent thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) controlled refrigeration circuits.

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PerformanceReliabilityMaintenanceInstallationStandard WarrantyFactory-Installed OptionsField-Installed Accessories
  • Puron® non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant.
  • Multiple high-efficiency scroll compressors include a crankcase heater and spring isolation.
  • Up to 8 steps of cooling capacity control.
  • Dual independent refrigerant circuits with TXVs.
  • Intertwined evaporator coils for full-face active operation at part-load conditions.
  • Dual sloped, stainless steel condensate pan.
  • Cooling operating range from 32 to 115 F ambient (down to -20 F with accessory Motormaster® V control).
  • 115-volt and 24-volt control circuits.
  • 2-in. disposable return air filters.
  • Standard 2-in. filter tracks are field convertible to accept 4-in. filters.
  • Outside air hoods with permanent filters.
  • Single low speed supply fan.
  • 2-in. deflection isolation springs on supply fan sled.
  • Fixed speed belt-driven blower drive.
  • High-efficiency motors meet Energy Policy Act (EPACT).
  • Variable air volume units include:
    • Adjustable speed drive with true torque control.
    • Soft start and anti-windmilling control.
    • Supply duct static pressure control.
    • Discharge air temperature control.
    • Supply air temperature reset.
  • ComfortLink controls provide:
    • Easy to use scrolling marquee display.
    • Time schedule.
    • Space temperature sensor capability.
    • Service diagnostics, alarms and alarm history.
    • CO2 sensor capability for demand controlled ventilation (DCV).
    • Compressor reverse rotation protection.
    • Short-cycle compressor protection.
    • Self-diagnostic service and start-up run test capability.
    • Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN) communications or stand-alone operation.
    • Remote start/stop capability.
  • Premium efficiency supply fan motors.
  • Rated in accordance with ARI Standard 340/360.
  • Dual electrically and mechanically independent refrigerant circuits
  • Crankcase heaters
  • High and low pressure transducers with safety cutouts on compressor
  • Coil frost protection
  • Liquid line filter driers
  • Circuit breaker protection for all power components
  • Cabinet made of pre-painted, galvanized steel with baked enamel finish, which meets ASTM B117 salt spray resistance test
  • Condenser-fan motors are totally enclosed with internal protection
  • Tested in accordance with UL Standard 1995
  • Listed by ETL and ETL, Canada
  • Large hinged service access doors
  • On-board diagnostics include refrigerant pressure sensors
  • Shipped with R-410A refrigerant charge
  • Single point electrical service entry, through unit bottom or side
  • Lifting lugs
  • Factory-installed pivoting outside air hoods
  • 3-years parts only on Novation™ condenser coil.
  • 5-years parts only, non pro-rated, on heat exchanger.
  • One year parts only on all other parts.
  • Electric heat options (vertical configuration only) include:
    • Low heat.
    • Medium heat.
    • High heat.
  • Hot water coil.
  • Discharge plenum.
  • Extended chassis with tracks for auxiliary coil.
  • Double wall construction.
  • 2-in. pleated filters.
  • Bag or cartridge filters (sizes 030-070 only).
  • Outdoor air cfm station.
  • Manual outside air self-closing damper.
  • Modulating economizer damper.
  • Barometric relief.
  • Non-modulating power exhaust (CV units only).
  • Modulating power exhaust with building pressure sensor.
  • Alternate high-capacity evaporator coil (all sizes except 035).
  • Condenser and evaporator options include:
    • All-aluminum Novation condenser and Al/Cu evaporator.
    • E-coat all-aluminum Novation condenser and Al/Cu evaporator.
  • Hot gas bypass.
  • Controls input expansion board.
  • High capacity power exhaust with VFD (sizes 075-100 only).
  • Return fan with VFD (sizes 075-100 only).
  • Bypass on indoor fan motor VFD.
  • GFI (ground fault interrupter) convenience outlet (powered).
  • Power terminal block.
  • Non-fused disconnect.
  • Airfoil supply fan (sizes 075-105 only).
  • Low outdoor sound.
  • Low ambient control.
  • 65 kA SCCR.
  • Digital compressor.
  • BACnet communication.
  • Replaceable core filter drier.
  • Security grille (sizes 070-100 only).
  • Humidi-MiZer™ adaptive dehumidification system.
  • Communicating valve actuator (for units with hot water coil option).
  • 2-in. and 4-in. filter kits.
  • CO2 space sensor.
  • Outdoor or return humidity sensor (enthalpy).
  • Condenser coil hail guard assembly.
  • Controls input expansion board.
  • Navigator™ display.
  • Return air CO2 sensor.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Filter switch.
  • Fan status switch.
  • Thermostat options include:
    • T55.
    • T56.
  • Space temperature sensor with CO2 override.
  • Space temperature sensor set point and CO2 override.
  • MODBUS Carrier translator.
  • LonWorks Carrier translator.
  • System Pilot™ interface.
  • Touch Pilot™ interface.
  • 14-in. roof curb.
  • Motormaster V control.
  • Compressor sound blanket.


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