Tech Tools v8.0 for i-Vu


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Tech Tool v8.0 for i-Vu

User licence until January 2025

Tech Tools v8.0 software (includes ViewBuilder, Alarm Pop-up, Virtual BACview, Field Assistant, EquipmentBuilder, BBMD Config, MS/TP Capture Tool, AppLoader, Snap, Test & Balance)


  • Software Version: 8.0
  • Works with Windows 7 Pro/8.1 Pro/10 Pro/11
  • Digital Delivery


Key Features

  • Includes: i-Vu Software only
  • Networks supported: BACnet & CCN
  • Routing devices supported: Open/XT/CCN Routers & Open/XT/CCN Links
  • Total controllers supported: 750
  • Trend storage: Unlimited2
  • Alarm storage: Unlimited2
  • Audit log storage: Unlimited2
  • Custom equipment & trend report: Yes
  • Custom reports with report manager: Yes
  • Custom reports with report manager: Create/edit/view3
  • Tenant Billing override reports: Yes
  • Supports i-Vu Add-ons: Yes
  • Web services (XML/SOAP) data access: Yes
  • BACnet/Modbus®/LonWorks® integration: Yes

1A Router or Link is required for every 60 Open controllers or 140 CCN controllers.
2Trends, Alarms, and Audit Log storage capacity is dependent on the database management system that is being used.
3Custom Reports Create/Edit available in Pro 750 and Pro Unlimited


  • Dual core processor, 4G RAM, 30GB hard drive, 10Mbps or higher LAN communications
  • Supports desktop PCs running Windows®, Linux®, and Apple® Mac® PCs running Mac OS X® 64 Bits
  • Supports Microsoft® Surface™, Apple® iPad®, and Google™ Nexus (v7 & 10) tablets 64 Bits
  • Supports Apple® iPhone® 8 and iPhone® 8 Plus, Nexus 6, and Nokia Lumia™ 830 phones
  • Supports Microsoft® Edge, IE® v11, Google™ Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Safari® browsers


Product Data

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Ownner’s Guide

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