Thermistor Immersion 4″ ACI


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Thermistor Immersion 4″ ACI

ACI-Automation Components
Item# A/CP-I-4″-PB   : 10,000 Ohm Thermistor (Type II), Plastic Enclosure
The ACI Thermistor Immersion Series features a ¼” diameter stainless steel probe with two, 14 inch 22 AWG Etched Teflon colored lead wires depending on the probe length ordered to differentiate the sensor types. The sensors in this series are manufactured using ACI’s proven double encapsulation process to eliminate the effects of moisture and to increase the response times using our high quality, thermally conductive epoxy. The immersion sensors include a welded thermowell “-I” version.  Applications: Chilled Water Systems, Hot Water Systems, Boilers, Pumps, Compressor, Chillers

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