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UV Germicidal Lamp to sanitize the air or surfaces

UV Light coronavirus

Since COVID-19 continues to devastate the world population, the whole world is singularly focused on exploring the ways to answer this novel coronavirus.


UV germicidal lamp have become popular to kill coronavirus germs on air and devices like smartphones. It is popping up as a very powerful tool to kill the germs because man-made hand sanitizer is in short supply UV light sanitizers uses ultraviolet radiation, as its name suggests, to kill SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The use of ultraviolet light technology against viruses is not a very recent phenomenon. According to The International Ultraviolet Association, this technique has been used for forty years to clear surfaces from harmful germs.

How do UV light sanitizers work against bacteria and viruses?

The primary source of UV light is the sun but there are some man-made sources of UV too. Like UV-C light is man-made. The National Academy of Sciences says that ‘the killing of germs and disinfecting surfaces with the help of this technology is the best method in some cases. It uses a strong light to destroy either DNA or RNA -the genetic material- of viruses and bacteria. The National Academy of Sciences reports that;

“Ultraviolet light has been shown to kill other coronaviruses, so it will probably work against the new coronavirus too.”

Previously, it was successful against SARS-COV (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) and MERS-COV (Middle eastern respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus). 

The ultraviolet light has already shown a lot of promise: Seoul Semiconductor, an SSLEEC member company reported in April; “99.9% sterilization of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 seconds” with the help of their UV germicide lamps. Currently, this technology is being used in UV LED lamps for automotive uses.

Fast-acting water decontamination was the primary problem in the minds of researchers by developing UV-C LED Technology. In case of success, it would be a great invention for the less developed regions of the world where there is no access to clean water

Is it completely safe to use UV-C germicidal lamps to inactivate COVID-19 germs at home?

These equipment are designed to be placed in air conditioning equipment or in uninhabited spaces. That is because have powerful radiations that can be dangerous for human eyes and skin says Dr. Jacob Scott, a research physician in the Department of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research at Cleveland Clinic.

Can UV germicidal lamps disinfect surface, air and water?

UV-C lamps have been used to kill bacteria and viruses and to reduce their spread. That’s why these are called uv germicidal lamps too. These are known disinfect for non-porous surfaces, air and water.